Our Company


PupSaver is the heart project of the Bennett family of Atlanta, Georgia. Ray Bennett invented this one-of-a-kind safety seat out of his necessity for a safer alternative to the cumbersome, unsafe seatbelt harness systems that he attempted to use with his own Shih Tzu, Webber. On their way to lunch one day, Webber was thrown into the dashboard when Ray had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting a car that pulled out in front of them. His little buddy was pretty sore, but thankfully unharmed. A serious safety fanatic, with 40 years of auto industry experience, Ray began researching how to best prevent another incident. He knew he had to keep his precious passenger safe on their daily trips!

First, a rather expensive seatbelt harness system was purchased and yielded horrific results. Webber was miserable and would squirm and cry loudly in the harness, even after weeks of daily use. Finally, unwilling to put his “little son” through this torture each day, Ray began researching the safest travel products for dogs. He knew that there had to be a better solution than strapping your dog to a seatbelt. As it turns out, there wasn’t! No booster seat would contain a dog on impact and hard crates were never going to provide vital energy absorption. It looked like, if he wanted crash test-proven safety for his furry friend, he’d have to blaze his own trail. The whole Bennett clan agreed that this was a noble cause and in 2007 got serious about helping make this dream a reality – it’s been a family affair ever since!

Together, we built a team consisting of auto industry safety experts, animal health professionals and design engineers to help develop a dog car seat with safety features to rival any children’s car seat. At the first meeting, all in attendance agreed: the number one cause of serious injury, or death, in car accidents is contact made with hard surfaces in the vehicle. This idea greatly influenced the PupSaver prototype’s unique rear-facing design, with a high back to catch the dog on impact. In initial testing, in early 2012, it became clear that we had a winner on our hands – our patented, rear-facing car seats are the only crash test-worthy seats in the pet travel category.

Our crash testing remains at the cutting edge: the brand new AirPupSaver dog safety seat has undergone a series of crash tests since its inception and on June 24th 2016 both models successfully passed crash testing at MGA with a 25-lb. and a 45-lb.test dog in the 35mph/ 35 G frontal crash test! PupSaver is, to date, the only pet travel product with this testing credential.
The bottom line is that we are a small, family-owned company with a singular vision. We want to save dogs’ lives when they are in one of the most dangerous places that we, their pet parents, put them on a daily basis – our cars! At PupSaver, we want to provide an option for the pet parents out there who want an alternative to the unsafe and uncomfortable seatbelt harnesses, crates and boosters that won’t help keep your dog safe, and worse, may harm them. Team PupSaver will keep working tirelessly to save the lives of the furry family members that make our lives happier! We appreciate all of the love and support that our amazing customers show us each day.