Hey PupSaver People


I just got my pupsaver about two weeks ago- and murphy’s law, we just got rear-ended on the way home from dog beach. My 30 pound pup was in the front seat, and the pupsaver worked just like it was supposed to work- the seatbelt locked and my dog fell forward into the “catcher’s mitt” and seems to be no worse for the wear. I’m so grateful – and i’ve told ALL my friends. No damage to the pupsaver, it worked perfectly. I’m really just so grateful- my dog is in better shape than i am! I’m SO grateful not be spending the day in the vet’s office, or worse. And our accident was so minor- i can’t imagine if it had been worse. Your product is awesome and I will do everything in my power to promote it! . Thank you.

Marian, Guttenberg, NJ


I’ve been thinking a lot about how potentially dangerous my dog’s current car booster seat and harness set up would be in a serious crash, so tonight when I saw the video of your crash test on Facebook, I decided to buy him one for his fifth birthday, which is tomorrow. Now I can feel less anxious about him being hurt in an accident. Thank you so much for this product!” Thank you

Fitz Asleep Within Minutes


My husband and our lil Willow were in a head-on collision on Dec 1st. They both ended up in an ER and both came out a week later and healed from another driver’s distraction as he swerved into my husband’s car. Willow was in the passenger seat with no harness. She suffered more injuries than my husband did and we never would’ve forgiven ourselves if she didn’t make it. Her spleen was removed due to internal bleeding it endured from all the impact. Today, with no spleen, she is jumping around and begging for treats and doesn’t show any sign of the accident. We promised to find something that would ultimately protect her little soul. Enter the Pup Saver!! We have never taken her for a ride without it. Thank you for your super smart invention and we thank Gizmo for insipiring our love for our furry friends. Willow sends her love as well. Thank you

PupSaver Reviewed By Dachshund Nola


Hi, everyone! Today I have a review of the redesigned PupSaver, a safety seat/car seat for dogs up to 30lbs. The PupSaver protects and cushions your dog in the event of a sudden stop or impact and also keeps your dog contained so you can focus on the road……

Monsters and Critics Review of PupSaver


I am not ashamed to admit it, I treat my dogs like my babies. It is now acceptable to coddle them or cook for them, we have doggie strollers and clothes and birthday parties and bark-mitzvahs. And, why not?……