Registered Vet Tech Testimonial

“ A client of our animal hospital ordered a car seat for my new family member. As a veterinarian technician for 19 years I have used different ways to transport pets in the car. My adopted, blind Shih Tzu loves to travel in the car, but does not crate well. For some reason (probably from her past) she goes into a panic when shut in a kennel. I was using one of the old dog seats that hook over the seat and is a fleece box. It worked well, but offered no protection. I am very blessed to have wonderful people in my life, like my client, who saw my post on Facebook about this car seat. I had reposted it from an article I saw so that I would remember where to get them and to let others know about them. “Misses Magoo” loves her new ride. She gets right in and knew from day one this was her ride. I even used it for my rat terrier who is a nervous wreck in a car and I always can’t wait to get to work to get her out of the car and in this seat she was so quiet you didn’t know she was in the car. Awesome job creating this car seat. I love that it is light weight! The years in this job have not been kind to my back and this is so much easier than loading crates! Yours truly, Linda C., RVT Southwood Animal Hospital Atlanta, GA

What Kelly Trogdon says about PupSaver


“Nothing on the market resembles the Pupsaver ™” says Kelly Trogdon, doctor of veterinary medicine at Faithful Friends in Cumming, Georgia. “The Pupsaver ™ is unique because it cushions dogs in the event of a crash (or sudden stop). But even more importantly, it absorbs the unpredictable impact of a deployed airbag, which could injure or kill a little dog riding in the front seat.” Trogdon praises Bennett’s dedication to dogs and their safety. “During an accident you can’t care for your pet, and people are the top priority for emergency medical personnel,” says Trogdon. “Animals who don’t receive prompt care can become permanently traumatized. I routinely recommend medication, leashes and services, so I am excited to recommend the Pupsaver ™!!!”. Dr. Kelly Trogdon .