Jayne’s Testimonial


“THANK YOU PUPSAVER for saving Lyla’s life.

We were on our way to volunteer at an area hospital. Lyla, my papillon, is a therapy dog. We are a registered therapy team with Pet Partners and have been visiting at this hospital for years.

I secured the PupSaver in the front seat, then I put Lyla in her harness and fastened her into her seat.

It started as a routine visit day — I purchased the PupSaver seat in February of this year. Lyla loves to going on therapy visits, but gets car sick. The only place she was comfortable and did not get sick was the front seat. PupSaver was the perfect solution for her comfort and safety. With both of us secure – off we went.

We were less than 5 minutes from home – 1 mile away – an intersection I have traveled thousands of times and it happened. All of the sudden –there was a truck that turned in front of me – I was going 30 MPH and could not stop in time —- CRASH – the violent jerk, the sound of glass crushing and smell of the airbag deployment were the first thing I remember. The next thing was looking over and seeing Lyla bugged eyed and shaking staring up at me. She was just sitting there, what a wonderful sight to see her – just sitting there in her PupSaver seat – she was okay. She was safely tucked in her seat, protected from the airbags that deployed, or hitting the dash, or worse going full force into the windshield.

The car and I were not spared — the car was totaled and I received numerous bruises and a broken leg. I got a new car and my leg will heal but I would never have recovered if anything happened to Lyla. She and her PupSaver seat– both unharmed – look great in the new car. We will be back visiting once my leg is healed.

-Jayne Frye

Lyla In Her PupSaver: Happy, Healthy And Safe After The Accident!

Jayne’s Truck: Both Airbags Deployed, Totaled In The Accident.

Lyla’s PupSaver Post-Accident: Sustained No Tearing, All 5 Buckles Intact And Minor Seatbelt Burns.