PupSaver now carries three new products – please read below for details!

New & Improved* Original Style PupSavers!

  • Rear-facing design will catch your dog upon impact and act as a protective barrier to prevent contact with hard surfaces.
  • Five total seatbelt-grade plastic clips (reversible for use behind driver and passenger seats) lock PupSaver in place and integrate with seatbelt pretensioner in case of an accident to pull PupSaver safely over your dog.
  • Full polyfill throughout (no Air bag feature, as with new AirPupSaver models).
  • Additional stitching, reinforced nylon backing at all attachment points.
  • Newly added heavy-duty metal hooks for lower LATCH (child safety seat) anchors in the back seat
  • New all-metal tether attachment system, with metal hook for harness attachment, provides security at the base of the seat
  • Can be used in the front or back seat
  • Can double as a pet bed while traveling

AirPupSaver 25

  • PupSaver is once again leading the field in dog car seat innovation, this time with Air!!
  • NEW AirPupSaver 25 has an integrated “Airbag” in the PupSaver seat back for enhanced energy absorption in case of a collision
  • Same rear-facing design as the original PupSaver
  • Newly added heavy-duty metal hooks for lower latch (child safety seat) anchors in the back seat
  • Reinforced stitching throughout
  • New-all metal tether attachment system

AirPupSaver 45

  • Same rear-facing design and 5-point seatbelt attachment system as the original PupSaver, with all NEW Air features!
  • Newly added heavy-duty metal hooks for lower latch (child safety seat) attachment points in back seat
  • Top safety strap attaches to child safety seat anchor (located behind the headrest in back seat) securing the AirPupSaver 45 in case of accidents or hard stops.
  • Crash tested to 45 lbs., using our 45 lb. test dog apparatus
  • Now all dogs up to 45 lbs. can have a crash test-worthy safety seat, which provides the head and neck support that seatbelt harness systems lack
  • New all-metal tether attachment system

PupSaver Compatible Harnesses 

  • The one and only safety expert-recommended walking harness approved for use with your PupSaver!
  • Used in AirPupSaver 45 crash testing with our 45 lb. test dog apparatus
  • Dual attachment points offer the option to attach your dog with an innovative chest side D-ring, providing more comfort than back side D-ring attachment
  • Mesh design is fashionable and breathable, yet durable
  • Both D-rings constructed of die-cast metal, making them secure for both walking and PupSaver attachment