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our product saves dogs from accidents,pup and dogs

"The PupSaver small dog car safety seat has undergone a series of tests and has successfully contained a 25-pound occupant in a 30 mph frontal crash test similar to that of FMVSS 213 for child safety seat testing"

- MGA Research Corporation, USA

*MGA does not endorse any product

our product saves dogs from accidents,pup and dogs

What Is The PupSaver?
The PupSaver is a safety product designed to protect small dogs up to 30 lbs. In case of a sudden stop, the PupSaver provides impact protection. Our unique design allows your pet to ride in comfort while giving them the protection they deserve.

New PupSaver (with Seatbelt Straps) Installation Video

Comfortable and Easy to Use

  • Simple collar clasp...snap and go.
  • Lightweight - the PupSaver weighs just 4 lbs.
  • Convenient handles make this product easy to carry.
  • Fits all vehicles.
  • Can double as a pet bed when traveling.
Safe. Simple. Secure.

  • Distraction prevention: you dog has its own seat, so you can focus on the road.
  • Reflective handles provide visibility in case of a nighttime accident.
  • The PupSaver can be used in the front or back seat.
  • Endorsed by veterinarians.